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What are the different types of Tattoos?

Tattoos can be divided into three general types: 1)Decorative tattoos are tattoos placed on the skin as a decoration. These are the most common type of tattoo. Some are homemade with needle and India ink, others are professionally applied with a tattoo gun using one or more colors of tattoo ink. Professional tattoos are deeper, contain more ink, and are more difficult to remove. 2)Cosmetic tattoos are also known as micro- pigmentation or permanent cosmetics. This type of tattoo is used as permanent eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, and other permanent cosmetic purposes. This type of tattoo is also used to cover skin pigment disorders, scars and other blemishes. 3)Traumatic Tattoos are foreign substances, such as dirt, that are embedded in the skin through an accidental injury.

How are tattoos removed?

In the past, tattoos were removed by surgery (cutting out the skin containing the tattoo ink), dermabrasion (sanding), salabrasion (sanding and salt), and laser vaporization ( burning out the skin containing the tattoo ink with an intense light beam). All of these methods resulted in unsightly scars. About ten years ago, a new method of tattoo removal was invented which is very successful and leaves little or no scarring. This method of tattoo removal uses short pulses of laser or intense pulsed light. The light pulses break up the tattoo pigment without damaging the normal skin. The body's immune system then removes the damaged pigment without leaving a scar.

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Can all tattoos be successfully removed?

Successful tattoo removal varies with the type of tattoo, the colors of the ink, and the size and depth of the tattoo. The easiest tattoos to remove are homemade tattoos which have only black ink. Multicolored tattoos, especially those with yellow and unusual colors, may be difficult to completely remove.

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How many treatments are required to remove a tattoo?

Some lightly pigmented, black, homemade tattoos can be removed in one treatment. Larger multicolored tattoos require multiple treatments with several different types of lasers or an intense pulse light device called the MultiLight. The Swansboro Laser Center has a laser that is used to remove tattoos. The most common lasers used are the Q-Switched ND YAG and Q-Switched Ruby Lasers. At least several weeks are required between treatments to allow the treated areas to heal and to allow the body time to remove the damaged pigment. Quick removal can sometimes be accomplished on black tattoos by using low powered weekly treatments.

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What side effects and other problems can occur from treatment?

The most common problem with tattoo removal is incomplete removal of the tattoo. This is especially true with complicated multicolored tattoos. Changes in skin pigmentation (light or darkened skin color) make occur from tattoo treatment. Scars are uncommon, but may occur from laser tattoo removal. Serious side effect are very unusual. Discomfort during treatment can be relieved by local anesthetics, laughing gas, topical anesthetic creams, or IV Sedation given by a nurse anesthetist. Oral medication can also be given to make the treatments more comfortable.

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How should I care for my skin after tattoo treatments?

Gentle cleansing of the skin and application of an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin ointment will help tattoos heal quickly after treatment. Avoid picking or irritating the skin after treatment. Watch for redness, pain, or swelling which might be a sign of infection. Protect the skin from the sun until the skin is completely healed and the skin color has returned to normal.

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How much do tattoo treatments cost?

You will be given an exact cost for each treatment during your free consultation. Each tattoo treatment must be paid for at the time of service. Insurance will not pay for removal of tattoos except in rare instances where the tattoo was the result of an accidental injury.

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What do I need to do to begin treatment?

In most cases, it is possible to do your first treatment right after your free consultation. Sometimes it may be necessary to schedule the treatment at a later date if the laser equipment is being used. Minors must have their parents approve treatments before they are done.

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